Assurena Insurance Agency is an independent insurance brokerage agency that carries some of the best coverage options in the entire New USA.

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About WLG

Formally knows as Wealthlink Agency has been in operation since 2006. 

Since it’s inception, WLG has focused on wealth management advisory include wealth protection , wealth accumulation and wealth distribution. We are the total wealth solution advisory firm for our value customer.

Over the years, WLG has gained trust and confidence from our esteemed customer to become their preferred consultant due to our passion and readiness to go extra miles in providing solution to them. WLG has expanded to include 20 professionally trained agents. Under the mentorship of Mr. Rex Lim Chee Yen and Dato’ Dr Chua Meng Min, WLG’s agents undergo professional MMTS training and practice SEED (Simple, Easy, Effective, and Duplicable) approach in achieving milestones in their career.

Unlike traditional agencies which focus only on career performance, WLG place equitable weight onto the 3 core elements (Work, Lifestyle & Grow). Dynamic work must be coupled with balanced lifestyle to contribute to long term and healthy personal growth. WLG is packed with off work and social events. In WLG, we work and succeed together, at the same time we enjoy the fun and laughter together.

WLG strongly believe in achieving threewin situation: Continual expansion of WLG consultancy firm, Personal achievement of agents, and last but not least, the satisfaction of customer on products and services provided by WLG.

Our Team Members

Meet our Professional Team

WLG Team is growing to include more individual of high caliber.

Rex Lim

Pillar of WLG

Cannie Lee

Top Associate

Felicia Chow

Rising Star

Tiffany Liu

Rising Star


Rising Star

Leon Lim

Rising Star
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