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Wealth Management

A form of investment management and financial planning that provides solutions to a wide array of clients ranging from affluent to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth.


  • Wealth management is a sophisticated and comprehensive service which comprise financial and investment advice, accounting and tax services, retirement planning, and legal or estate planning.

  • A dedicated wealth manager will provide all the financial consultation to client and coordinate between client’s attorney, accountants and insurance agent. Some wealth managers also offer banking services or advice on philanthropic activities
Why We Are The Best?

Our wealth management team is equipped with extensive experience and expertise to provide wide range of services. We are passionate and committed to delivering personalized financial guidance and an exceptional client relationship to our targeted customer group.

1. Wealth Protection

A great preservation and constructive transfer of your wealth are key components to a successful wealth protection strategy. You can protect your families by preserving your assets from the unexpected situations with an integrated strategy.

Our solutions: Life Insurance (Basic Protection), Critical Illnesses Insurance, Medical Insurance, Mortgage Insurance

2. Wealth Accumulation

Understanding your priorities helps us to develop the right wealth accumulation plan for you. By identifying the right asset allocation, you can reach your financial goals without impacting your lifestyle.

Our solutions: Retirement, Education Saving, Emergency Fund (Timely Emergency Funding by Trust Company)

3. Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is a process and strategy of investing in multiple asset classes that eventually help in achieving your short and long-term goals.

Our solutions: Life Insurance + Trust

4. Wealth Acceleration

Accelerating your wealth doesn’t have to mean you’re working harder. You just need the right understanding of your finances and how to make your wealth increasing rapidly rather than steadily by investing in appreciating assets.

Our solutions: Shares, Unit Trusts, ETF, Real Estate, Assets Management

5. Wealth Distribution

To create a master plan for the management of your assets during life and a controlled distribution of assets at death. We help our clients across all wealth spectrum to determine their priorities for transferring their assets to their heirs.

Our Solution: Estate Planning, Will Writing, Private Trust, Cash Trust and etc

Common worries in Estate Planning

  • I have loans and liabilities. If something happens to me, I do not want to burden my family.
  • I am concerned  what I leave behind is not sufficient for my family’s living and for my children’s education.
  • I fear that through my Will, my assets will be exposed to public.
  • I use my company name to buy houses, with loans under my name. I fear that it will going to impact my personal assets if I am not around.
  • I worked hard to construct my business and my spouse is not involved in the business. How can my business still benefit my family in case I am not around, except selling it off?
  • I hold shares in a few Sdn Bhd companies. What will happen to my shareholdings if I am not around? Will it fall into unwanted successor?
  • I worry that if I pass on, my children can’t manage my wealth and waste it, or my wealth will end up in my children-in-law’s hands.
  • My kids are still young and my parents are old. If my wife and I are not around, who can financially take care of my children and aged parents?
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